Elizabeth Underwood is a photographer based in...

 Elizabeth Underwood is a photographer based in Columbia, MO. Her work centers around the intersection of local sports and community.

Elizabeth remembers how, growing up, she made her first friends when she was on the community swim team: the Manhattan Marlins. She remembers fondly the bonds she had with her high school marching band family. When she started studying photographing sports during her studies, those memories and feelings came back. Remembering those connections and how important they were in her youth, Elizabeth started wanting to document and show those connections in her sports coverage.

Sports are one of a child’s first interactions with the concept of community. Going beyond game coverage and delving into this is what Elizabeth is passionate about. She wants to give depth to her coverage of youth sports and connect the community and identity that they help give to their players. 

Elizabeth Underwood | Photographer & Editor

Elizabeth Underwood is a photographer and editor in Columbia, Mo. Her work focuses on the intersection of sports and community. She is available for assignment.
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